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28 February 1991
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Well, my name is Melissa, I am a grade eleven student. I enjoy icon-making, Harry Potter, reading, action movies, and computers. I also like to hang out with friends and dance. I get along ok with my family, though I'm usually complaining about something they've done. My favourite vacation spot is Walt Disney World, tacky tourist spot that it is.


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1. When taking icons, PLEASE credit with use.
2. I'd love a comment though it isn't nessecary.
3. When taking signatures, you needn't credit me, but I do ask that you refer people here if they compliment it, as I like different opinions on my work.
4. Just use your best judgment. Don't do anything that would make people think my work was your work. I trust you all have good common sense.
5. If you are using my work for a school project, scrapbook, or any type of work really, I'd really enjoy seeing it when your done. I love to see what others can come up with.
6. If for some strange reason you found my work interesting enough to want to use for commercial use, please let me know. Since my work isn't very amazing, at this time I am not charging commission or anything for using my work, I'd just like to be aware of where it's going before I see it unexpectedly.

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I use many many sources all over the internet and I thank all the people creating brushes, textures, and screencaps for their hard work and for sharing their creations with us. If I had to screencap the entire movie for every random icon I make, I know for a fact I would go insane.

Brushes & Textures & Fonts, Oh My
Miss M Original Photoshop Brushes
Shattered Shards
No Ordinary Love
Da Font
Blambot Fonts
Lorenz Goldnagl


Disney Dreams
Fever of Fate
KimmyMarie's Secret Mermaid Grotto
Animation Archive

Art Dungeon

If I am using ANYTHING that you have created(brushes, textures, artwork, fonts, etc.) and you have not been credited in the list above, please let me know as soon as possible and I will make sure you are credited. I would hate for anyone's hard work to go unnoticed.

Well that's just about all you need to know I guess. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to drop me a line, feel free to contact me any time at melbatoast_94@hotmail.com

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